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Design and marketing

As a new brand in the 21st century it's important to create digital presence, especially when your target client is fond of this type of interaction. For Noscata, I developed varied content for social media posts and campaigns with the main goal of creating awareness of the brand.


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Brand´s product launches

Goal: To create and showcase audiovisual content that highlights the ingredients on the products and their health-conscious characteristics.  Considering that I developed instagram and Whatsapp content for their launch of their big stuffed cookies, mini stuffed cookies and nut butters besides a digital catalog to publish on social media. Click the PDF logo to acces the catalog.


Especial edition design:  A coffee with dad 

Goal: To design and showcase an experience that includes the brand's healthy mini cookies and stimulate a moment of connection between mothers/children and fathers during Father's day celebration. To achieve this I designed a newspaper-like card and a mug with a heartfelt design that were packed all together with 4 stuffed cookies creating a coffee time experience and to display it in a way that creates connection I chose to show a real client unboxing the edition and using it.


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Especial edition design:  Connected 

Goal: to create and showcase an experience that involves chocolate-decorated stuffed mini cookies and turns into a symbol for people to express their love and appreciation for friends and lovers during Love and Friendship day celebration. To do so I designed 3  illustrated cards that were paired with the 3 different gifts the client could choose for their box. For promotion, besides in-detail photos of each box, I decided to show a reaction of someone receiving their box and opening it

Especial edition design:  Wishes from the heart 

Goal: to design and showcase an experience box that highlights the value of hope ,day-dreaming and connection with ourselves during the Holiday season. To do so I designed a wish-list card that could be hung on the christmas tree and a label for a special cinnamon-apple candle that were packed all together with 3 healthy stuffed cookies. For the promotion, besides the in-context photos, I decided to create a video where a handmade illustration of the boxed turned into the real version of it to spotlight how visualizing our wishes clearly enough can make them true.


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